Goodbye to the past decade

In this last decade I managed to:

1) Get through the bitchiness of High School🤦‍♀️

2) Survive my A-levels 🙏🏻

3) Get my self into £40K of debt for my University Degree 💰 and completed it! 😬

4) Travel the world 🌎

5) Move out of Mum and Dads 😂

I would call all of the above a success.

Along the way I bumped into people and built relationships that will last me a lifetime. I surrounded myself with like minded people and together we motivated eachother to succeed even when things got a little tough. We drank too much, laughed a lot and cried tears together too.

Tomorrow morning, we will open pages of a brand new book and have a blank canvas to write on. We will put words on them ourselves everyday. This book is called ‘opportunity’. Let’s see what story we can write over the next 10 years.

May you all smash your goals in 2020 and make as many cheerful, long lasting memories as you can!!

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