Mental Health Awareness Day


I cannot put into words how happy it makes that there is a Mental Health Awareness Day.  It is difficult to come out and often admit that we are struggling. The important thing to understand is, that if we don’t talk about these issues and if we don’t bring them out in the open then we will never be able to resolve them and most importantly create a support network for each other.

One thing to get to grips with is the fact that everyone can go through a rough patch and this year focuses on suicide prevention. This is something that is close to heart as I know several close individuals who have been affected by this in various degrees. Anyone that knows me, know that I am most probably the most awkward person when it comes to emotional support. There are times that I think back about how I could have dealt better with a friend who needed to rely on me. However, this is something that we all need to learn about.

I recently went on the suicide prevention website and found hints and tips on how we can help those who are struggling :


What this made me realise is that having simple conversations and taking 5 minutes for a coffee out of your day is all you need to turn around someone else’s whole future. Wheather is a colleague at work, a friend or a family member – we all need some sort of support network.

Despite this, also remember that mental health varies in all sorts of shapes and sizes. So I came up with some things that may bring your mood back up and help it destress:

  1. Have a feel-good playlist! My two current pick me up songs are “Post Malone” by Sam Felt ft RANI and “Good as Hell” by Lizzo
  2. Hit the gym, go for a run, be active! It helps clear your mind!
  3. Do something you enjoy. Read a book, draw, read a book, relax!
  4. Go out for a coffee.
  5. Take a holiday.
  6. Most importantly look for help and talk to someone.

And to those of us have friends that need support:

  1. Dave open ears – it’s not easy to be open about mental health issues
  2. Take 5 minutes out of your day to chat and catch up
  3. Don’t judge
  4. If you do find that helping someone is also starting to straining you which can me normal – reach out to someone who can offer to your close one.

If you do need anymore help then visit the Mental Health Foundation who have lots of information on their website. Some other useful links are the Samaritans and Mind who all have a confidential support network.



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