Sex Talk – The things I wish I knew.


So I recently had a lot of time on my hands and I have been revamping my blog with these ideas that I keep talking about but never really putting into play. I have decided to talk about some topics which are rather hot and not as much of taboo now as they were before. Sex. (I cringed as I wrote this because I know my mum will stumble across this post at some point – yikes).

The true reason why I think this is important is that I myself, always felt like sex education was very behind and especially when I was younger. It’s awkward to talk about. It’s cringe sitting on the sofa with your dad and watching a sex scene (my dad still fast forwards when we watch a film together) and I have a younger sister who is 12 and in high school.

The internets is a vast and scary place for this and a LOT of kids get their first sex ed off porn. Yes, it happens. I am by no means an expert. but, there are things I wish I was comfortable talking about as a young teenager. I’m going to do several posts on this over the coming weeks.

I hope this works out well. Internet trolls, fuck off 🙂

ComfortAll the best,

Mag x


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