Moving In With The Mr


Okay, I’ve taken the plunge! I’ve moved in with the Mr. Now this should definitely be an interesting journey. I’ve actually come to realise, I’ve never had my own room haha! Oh well, at least I’m sharing a bed with someone I like ;P

Our first actual mission was to figure out where to fit my stuff. Believe me, I did not know that I own that many things. Books yes, but other stuff, no!! So It was definitely an IKEA trip in the making. We don’t actually have very much space to play about within our room so we also had to be clever with what we were getting. Luckily enough, we already had a huge wardrobe with a mirror so that was an expense that we didn’t need to cover.

The next thing on the list was essentially a bed. We had one, but it needed a little bit of upgrade. actually so some pretty sweet deals and we didn’t end up spending very much. On the side note, I decided to put the bed together by myself to surprise him, and it may have ended up falling apparent a month later…not a manufacturing problem…more of a Magda problem – Me being me didn’t end up screwing in the screws properly ooooppppsssss!!! I am still considering getting a new mattress but this is taking me a while. I don’t mind spending the cash on it, but the issue I’m having is finding the right one. I am a firm believer that good sleep sets you up for a good day! I’m happy to wait 😛

Now the major thing that I needed to tackle was where all my books would go. I have close to a 1000 books, for some, it may not sound like much and to others, it may sound like a crazy number. It really depends on what your hobbies are. I ended up finding some cool Kallax shelving units. We bought two and made them into an L shape. I only have one complaint, they are black, the collect dust like crazy! I see why Mrs Hinch has so much white and grey furniture! Wish I knew that earlier.

My last top splash was a Malm chest of drawers. These are really cool and come in different sizes. We went for a 3 drawer chest but we should have most probably gone for 4. We do have a bit of a storage issue which I am currently working on but I feel like 4 may have been a little too high. Let’s just say I have a lot of stuff…which girl doesn’t though? 😉

So this brings me to accessories. I have absolutely fallen in love with plants! I have several now. I didn’t get anything too hard to take care off as I am not an expert but just some plants that I can water and they will do their own thing. I feel like they bring a lot of colour into the room and keep the air a little fresher. Pus, they are pretty! The tree that is, however, giving me the most trouble is my Bonsai. It seems to be dropping loads of old green leaves but growing new healthy ones. I have repotted it recently and it does seem happier in some new soil. Feel free to let me know how you feel about them and if you have taken care of these before. Any helpful hints will be very much appreciated!


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