Hush Hush


I can’t say that these past few months have been easy mentally. They have most probably been some of the hardest months that I have ever had. I went through a lot of changes and stuck my head in the sand. Constant ups and downs and my mouth constantly shut. 

Initially, my job was getting the absolute best out of me. I was tired, broke and unmotivated living the dreamed of “London Life”. As I came to realise, this is not for everyone. Hence I ran. That seems to be my thing apparently, running. One of my good friends told me that I always run away from stuff and I never agreed with him, when NOW several years later, I realised that it is most probably true.


The second thing bugging me was where I lived. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to pieces and I would do anything for them, but, there comes a time where you have to spread your wings and fly. So I moved out. I have to say, I see my parents more now then I did when I lived with them. Life has a very funny way of throwing things at you. ❤

Thirdly, I had no time to actually relax and enjoy doing what I do. Like writing this blog!! Can you believe it, we are almost halfway through the year and I have hardly written anything even though I have 101 ideas running through my head!!! So I’m working on this as we speak.

But the hardest this for me to get over and is still a struggle is not being where I “imagined myself to be”. This the one thing that keeps creeping up on me when I’m driving back home and have nothing but the M25 and the empty space in my head. No one ever tells you what life after uni or travelling is going to be like and it took its toll on me. My own worst enemy is me over thinking. Well, guess what Magda, wanting things are all good, but cherishing what you have is what makes things you worked hard for even better!!

I was with my girls when it hit me, I am not the only one going through this. It’s amazing what a bit of wine, pizza and being surrounded by the best gets out of you. With a few kind words, my worries disappeared. Everyone has a different path to cherish and I am walking through my own field of grass and making my own story.

Now go have a read of  Stoptheworld because my good friend Lauren is what inspired this blog!! She is one of the strongest and bubbly women I have in my life! xx

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