New York – Day 3

The High Line

Our main objective today was to see New York from the High Line – I admit that I didn’t know it existed until Jodie found it. It is literally a park in the sky and a pretty long walk. We started from Gansevoort St. as we wanted to make pit-stop at Chelsea Market (boy the food there is good!) The thing that we found most enjoyable about this walk was pretty much the art you got along the way and the views of the traffic. I know it sounds kinda lame, just sitting there and watching as cars drive past. It’s also pretty awesome that people can build a park over all of that and still get the green plants literally in the sky. I honestly believe that if people used a lot more creativity like this we would have much less of a problem when it comes to the preservation of everything that we’re killing off.

New York Public Library

Anyway, enough of my nature tantrum! Our walk leads us to one of the places that my geeky-self has wanted to explore for a while, New York Public Library and WOW it is HUGE!! I always see it in movies but I never really realised how big it is. I honestly feel like I walked into a museum full of books. The building itself is beautiful and pretty easy to actually get lost. You do get checked at pretty much every turn but funnily enough, its to make sure that you haven’t stolen any books that you weren’t supposed total out, for this reason, I would highly suggest taking a smaller bag rather than my backpack which I was carrying around.

Snapseed 5 copy

Central Park

As the weather was pretty perfect we also managed to pop into Central Park. We did sit around in the Grand Army Plaza for a little bit because our feet were just completely dead by the end of it so we didn’t actually make as much out of the central park as we should have. It also doesn’t help that we got bitten by horse flies aka I’m allergic to bites so my wrist flared up and that marked the end of our day. I should have really been more prepared and bought along some antihistamine but I was being lazy and thought that I would be fine without it.

All in all, today was a pretty perfect day for exploring the outside. I think that the one thing that we really did need to do more was to explore the museums. What I did find a little too late, was that some of them such as MoMa actually do a free entry at certain times and days and we completely missed it. Next time I will definitely fo more research around it!

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