New York – Day 2

Snapseed 6

So today we killed it with a whopping 23,417 steps across New York! There is a very good reason for this. There was a lot to see and a lot to do so we decided to plan ahead of the game and make a list of all the things that we wanted to do.

Brooklyn Bridge

I never really understood why bridges were of such great significance but this one is actually pretty cool! It is 1.1 miles long (1.8 kilometres) so I guess that’s where most of our steps came from. The views you get are pretty awesome as you’re walking along it too. You can look out to the Statue of Liberty and take a pretty good picture on a clear day. The only thing that actually frustrated me was the cyclists. They are literally offing and swearing for no particular reason. I definitely haven’t heard “fuck face” as a curse word before. It did remind me of an all American High school movie. It’s kind of sad that a full-grown women can’t buy a bell for her bike but is happy to swear without giving a care in the world at people who don’t actually know she’s right next to (yup guys, we weren’t even on the bike lane, we were next to it).

The highlight of this is that I actually managed to grab some cute gifts as we were walking along the way and they weren’t worth an arm and a leg so even better!

Wall Street

Naturally, our walk from Brooklyn Bridge leads us to Wall Street! The architecture of the buildings there is pretty amazing. I managed to meet up with some colleagues from the NYC office. Getting to know new people is something that I adore doing! Being a chatterbox helps but to be honest, I still get butterflies in my tummy from time to time when I meet new people. Yes, it can be awkward, but the best thing to do is ask loads of questions which will help along with finding a common ground. You’re bound to find something that both of you enjoy doing. One topic I always reply on is food. What can I say, I like good food, who doesn’t?

Snapseed 5

Battery Park

Okay, so battery park is pretty cute!! It’s about an 8-minute walk from Wall Street and its right by the river. It’s nice to sit down and have a picnic or even just grab a coffee and relax with the view. It has a load of people running through it and loads of food stalls. Grab a hot dog and enjoy the weather whilst you can.

Time Square

Our Next stop was the all well too known Time Square. Please don’t kill me for saying this, but hell it looks so disorganised during the day! The shops there are pretty cool but nothing that I haven’t found in London so far. The billboards are pretty cool though. I tried taking some night shots but I just couldn’t get the right camera setting, I definitely need to play around with it a lot more. I also don’t think that my go pro is the right camera for this night shot. If you have any tips to aid my night photography then please shoot across your suggestions at me. I already played around with the ISO and shutter speed. My picture just comes out completely white.

Rockefeller Center

This was a pretty cool shopping centre. It definitely reminded me of my childhood with the Nintendo and Lego stores! They also have a pretty big NBC store which hit a soft spot when it came to friends! Did I also mention that we actually went to the flat where friends was recorded? ;P Spoiler for my next post!


See you there 🙂

Maggie xo


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