My IKEA Haul

Who does not like a good IKEA haul?! Well, I know that this year I have definitely been a returning customer. The reason for this is very simple. I have a small room and storage issues.

The story actually begins with a long overdue new mattress earlier this year. Sleep is something that I cherish a lot and you will often find me passed out in bed by 11pm, if I am up later then it’s most probably because I found a book which I found really difficult to put down. The main issue which I was actually having is my back and shoulders were super stiff when I woke up. This leads me to often being tired, achy and grumpy in the morning so off I went!

I usually am a very low maintenance and easy to satisfy individual. However, this was something that I definitely thought was worth splashing my money on so I splashed some cash on a new mattress and a whole duvet set alongside new pillows, mattress protector. I decided to go for a feathered set because it just feels cosy and worth it. I know that this isn’t always the best as some individuals are allergic to feathers so make sure that you do your research first. There is definitely some great hyper allergic stuff out there. I do have to say that this was the best choice I made in a while and have not complained since.

Until recently, I was done with IKEA for a couple of months…and then I looked into both my closet and under my bed! I do share a room with one of my sister’s so stuff collects VERY quickly in a small space and looks messy even if it’s just one thing that’s out of place. Like any other individual, both me and my sister like to hide the stuff that we won’t really be using under the bed. I also have a lot of smaller, more awkward bits in my closet. it’s clean but never looks as clean as I would like it to. So I went on another spree. This time it was a little more creative! I bought the following:

A Glass Jar: £1.75

I decided to put all my small candles in this. I actually stole this idea of my younger sister. Both my self and her love candles! So we tend to get them constantly before we actually finish burning the previous one. This also means that I have a lot of small candles just laying around waiting to get used.

A set of 3 round storage boxes: £13

I think I definitely overpaid for this as I know there are loads of places that sell set of three for this but I just thought it would really cute! I also needed to find somewhere to put all my go pro gear! There is a hell of a lot of accessories to go with it and it looked really awkward just laying in a plastic bag. The rest of the smaller containers were a perfect fit for all my other small stuff! you can always put them one on top of the other and spread them around different locations in your apartment. If you aren’t using them then you can just slot them back into each other and the storage issue is gone!

Zip up storage case: £10

So I am a girl and I like shoes. I have a lot of heels and several pairs of other cute pairs. The issue was that they were under my bed in an IKEA bag getting covered in dust. This was on my agenda to fix for a very long time, I just couldn’t find a cool box that would fit all of them, until I stumbled on the SKUBB. It’s a perfect size to slot under my bed, it zips up so no dust, it has ventilation whole to stop it from getting stuffy AND it doesn’t look ugly! BONUS! I am planning to get another one so that I can chuck all the board games we have into it as well!

2 plant pots: £3

Okay, so this is a really quirky idea that I found cool.

Unfortunately, plants in my house don’t last very long because my cats like to eat them. But I really liked these and actually decided to get them because I needed somewhere new to store my make up brushed as well and stationary! The bonus of this s that they are easy to clean and look really cute. The only thing I should have done is bought slightly smaller ones. But that’s a learning curb and for now, it shall do!

New Pillow and Pillow Case: £5 each

As I already mentioned I do like being cosy but I also like accessories. I literally bought these because I love how soft and cuddly they are for those ‘just chill days’. My old case was a bit tattered and needed an uplift so I decided to get a new one. I am also going through a yellow craze so of course, they were yellow to match my bedding!

I have hyperlinked each item for you guys to have a look at! Let me know what your creative ideas are 😛

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