My Favourite London Parks


London is definitely well known for being very big, dull and grey, but, it does have it’s uniques spots! I have recently thought back to some of my favourite green spots that you can get into for free and actually realised that the list is sufficiently long for lovely summer walks and picnics! Thinking back to it, I have a story in every single one of them!

Storytime guys!

Hyde Park:

This, of course, is a very iconic park in central London along St James’ Park. I fondly remember ice cream with all my university friends as we chilled on blankets. Riding Santander bikes along the paths and running my first 10k for cancer research! I also once saw a guy jump off his boat into the lake after his phone (priceless to see! I was in tears of laughter – evil human being).

They’re also known for doing loads of festivals! Winter Wonder Land is one of the better-known ones but there are also a lot of gigs and other random events!


Richmond Park:

This honestly has to be my favourite park. It’s literally acres of land and wildlife. You get horse riding, lakes, loads of deer, parakeets and if you’re up for a bike ride then this is also the perfect place to do it! I could honestly walk for miles and never get bored. It’s pretty in every season. Just get my wellies on a warm scarf and I’m good to go. Also very easy to get to!

We actually found Richmond Park by accident one gloomy afternoon when my dad wanted to go out. We all left the care to go out for a walk, got quite far in and then the heavens opened and we got completely drenched! Believe me, the English rain can be unforgiving when it’s annoyed at you. We managed to hide under the trees (most probably not the greatest idea with thunder and lightning) and waited for it while before running it back!

Kyoto Park:

Kyoto park is definitely a little bit more unique and a little awkward for me to get to so I don’t always go. But it’s got a Japanese garden and loads of wildlife. It also has fishies! Crap and Koi that are brilliant colours.  They also have pheasants which walk around without really showing off their amazing feathers because they’re just too chilled.

The park isn’t the biggest but you can definitely make it part of a day out by either popping off to some of the museums which are close by such as the Natural History Museum or changing direction and heading over to Kensington Palace.

Walpole Park:

Walpole Park is the last one because I’ve actually on discovered it recently despite having it right under my nose. It only takes 15 minutes to walk to from my current location. I walked past it for 4 years without actually realising how petty it is! It honestly is almost like a movie scene. It has the fair lights and little lake so perfect for a romantic chill or walks. I personally enjoy going for a run to it. It also has tennis courts and a playground! So if you have younger siblings or kids then it’s worth taking them there for a runaround and tiring them out during summer.

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