The Jurassic Coast

SOOOOOO…I’ve realised that I’m always too busy travelling the world to actually realise what is right under my nose! The beautiful scenes if the Jurassic Coast down south!

As kids my parents always made sure that we went on an adventure. I remember every Saturday morning we would make lunch, pack the car boot and heading off for the weekend. As we started growing up that started to change. I started flying all over the world, working and studying and those family weekends seemed to have been long forgotten until recently.


My family is crazy and in love with adventure! All it took for us to go camping was a heatwave and a phone call from mum! It literally took us 20 mins to pack and get on the road. I haven’t seen any of us so motivated in a while. What did make it fun now though was that most of us can actually now drive so taking it in turns actually helped and being able to sing along to old school songs made a rush of memories come back!

This time we decided to go down South. The Jurassic Coast is 96miles long and stretches from Orcombe Point near Exmouth in East Devon to Old Harry Rocks near Swanage in East Dorset and has some of the most scenic coastal views in the UK.

We decided to camp out at Omington Mills. I should most probably remember to mention that I totally forgot how to put up my tent so I was fully reliant on my dad’s help. Thank god that he was a childhood scout and has a good memory! He definitely had a laugh at me! It was also nice to switch off from my social media. I managed to survive the whole weekend on 7% phone battery! and my GoPro just about made it too!

The next day we walked from Omington Mills into Durdle Door which is a 3 hour, 9-mile walk along some very scenic cliffs. What I didn’t know is that the night before there was an actual Jurassic Coast sponsored walk! I would have loved to do a little hike like that! I may sign up for it next year and they seem to do them often. Despite this, I still managed to wreck my trainers and have an awesome leg day! (Note taken, a new pair of hiking shoes is needed!)

After our little adventure, we took to Swanage to grab some fish and chips on a lovely Sunday afternoon. I did forget to take my suncream because I didn’t think that the “English Sun” would do me much harm, but I was very mistaken. Both I and my mother turned into lobsters for the day and now I have the straps of my backpack imprinted on my back. But it’s all memories so it is all OK!

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