Where do you want to go?

I have always loved the USA and the idea of going to it but I always put it off! However, the question of where do I want to go is always a difficult one. (EVERYWHERE PLEASE!!!!!!)
I’ve tried to be as logical with my planning as possible but my brain tends to go 100mph so once I get excited there’s literally no stopping me…oooooops. So I’ve created a little plan of how to find the place you actually want to go to as everyone has a dream bucket list.
The things you’ll need:
– A map
– Travel books or google
– Pen & paper
– An idea of where you’d like to go?
– What do you enjoy doing?
First thing’s first….
Decide what is the nature of your trip? How long do you want to go for?
Hobby, pleasure, family, education, volunteering…the list is endless!! So what type of trip you go on and how you plan it is essential.
As I’m going to Alabama for an event in October, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explore other areas close by so why not make it a road trip! I love driving and going somewhere for a few days doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck in one location. America is HUGE. The main form of transport is driving so it made sense.
I cannot stress how important this is (at least to me)…what can I say, I like getting a good deal, who doesn’t? Pulling out the world map helps so much. Decide what continent you want to travel and then figure out the best links to places. I think this is definitely the hardest part of the planning as everyone wants to see different things and go on different routes. It also changes as you start planning budgets and seeing what events are on in the areas you are visiting.
My favourite thing to do is use google (you’d be lying if this wasn’t a major part of your research). I found out that the balloon fest in New Mexico, Albuquerque is awesome in October! A balloon fest?! HELL YEAH! But after pulling out a map and looking at my savings pot I decided that I needed something a little cheaper and closer The Deep South. I also couldn’t really go anywhere from Albuquerque, I thought of Santa Fe but I had no close by airports to get me back to Bama at a good price!
So the map came out again. This time I researched the best cities down the South Coast and decided that this may be a better option! Florida was tempting but I only had 10 days! Once you’re stuck at the theme parks you don’t want to leave…problem…YES!)
I essentially ended up deciding that the best route for me will be New York City to Washington D.C. so a little bit of the presidential tour and then straight onto Alabama. Driving from place to via this route wasn’t necessarily expected as I never even thought that I’d start with it. However, doing my research taught me that Princeton is on the way! And so is Philadelphia and Baltimore, with a straight drive into Alabama.
Decide who you want to go with?
Unfortunately, I no longer have a travel buddy so I have had to think on my feet. I am thankful for the friends that I have and that they too love travelling so this wasn’t a tough task. As well as this, I’m meeting a group of friends who are already in Alabama so this has also made it easier. However, if you are brave enough to venture out by yourself then go for it! It’s one of my favourite ways to do it! You meet people on the way and challenge yourself and your independence.
Relax and have fun! The more you stress the less fun it’ll be! It’s not supposed to be perfect so leave room for flexibility 😛

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