My Travel Bucket List

So as the years have gone on I have definitely been ticking of continents and countries which I have wanted to visit. Frustratingly, every time I tick one off I seem to add another 10 to my wish list! I have managed to narrow this down to what I definitely want to see in my lifetime and I will be majorly disappointed if I don’t explore them. Here it goes!
The Aurora in Finland
This, of course, is a beautiful sight which would be amazing to see in the Antarctic which I would love to explore, but I may leave this one to the scientists for the time being. Finland is a lot closer and is often overlooked due to the lights being more famous in Sweden and Norway. However, the glass igloos in Finland just have something cosy and warming about them, especially when surrounded by snow with a light show in the sky!
Hiking in New Zealand
Believe it or not, I love long-haul flight! So New Zealand is on the list! Until recently I have heard very little of New Zealand but it is a country vast or trails and hikes that I would love to do! I often like having my feet carry me away and see sights which I otherwise would not be able to see. The one trail which I want to do is the Te Araroa Trail. It would be one of the biggest ones I’ve done so I am taking my time about this one and starting with little ones like the High Tatra in Poland.
Skiing in Canada
I am not a very sporty person, but I am also stubborn and don’t knock things till I try them! Skiing just sounds fun! I have an image of fun-filled days in the snow and hot cups of chocolate by the fire in the evening! Call me a dreamer but they are what keeps me going! One day I will be awesome at skiing (as she topples down the mountain!)
Route 66
So my goal is to do this as my birthday treat for my 25th! I have no idea which states I would like to visit but it is still a working progress, there are just too many places to visit there I could honestly move there for a year just to do it all! I am currently trying to figure out best deals and if I should drive or hop on the plane. Let me know what ideas you have! I would love to hear and find out what you suggest!


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