Monies, Splashing Cash and Budgeting

Honestly speaking, I am the worst person at saving when it comes to saving without goals. I have tried several ways, but I realised that I need to have a bigger picture to get me motivated.
I also learnt my lesson when I went travelling on the tightest budget ever! Living in London on my salary is tough! Food, travel and rent all add up. I get that. However, there are always ways to save money. Of course, it’s different circumstances for everyone and I am not a financial advisor, but this is how I managed.
My rule of Thumb.
Start saving way in advance! Depending on how long you want to go for and where you want to go will determine how much you save and when you start saving. My general rule of thumb is to save 10% of my salary each month and put it into a saving account which I cannot touch (otherwise I’ll be picking at it all the time!) This is the simplest way I found to do it! You often don’t realise how quickly it all adds up!
Do you really need those?
I get caught up on this all the time! Especially, when there is a sale on…do I really need another t-shirt, pair of jeans or cute converse? Most probably not because my wardrobe seems to be falling apart  what I do need is a spring clean! Rather than splashing the cash, how about you look through your wardrobe and sell some stuff you don’t need or give it to charity. When you go travelling you’re not really going to need that stuff anyway.
Starbucks + Costa
They’re a trap! Despite my love for them *guilty face*. As well as eating out all the time! My friend realised that she spends £120 on costa each month!! I am a coffee addict, but I reckon I could use the one I have at home and drink more for less!! That’s £120 that you have to spend when you’re out there trekking the world!
Search flight + Accommodation
Now, this is always one of the most expensive things that you’re going to pay for. What I found is that if you book flights and accommodation for none peak months you’ll find flights for a lot less and bonus, there won’t be as much crowding when you get there!
Secondly, make sure to clear out your cache and search history when you’re looking for flights. Like all technology now, your browser traces your research and if you keep searching up the same thing prices do increase! Annoying right?! Also, make sure to fly out on days during the week like Tuesday and Wednesday which have been shown to be some of the cheapest flights, this does change so keep an open mind and research a few things!
Accommodation is by far my favourite subject because people always have a one-way mindset about wanting something more for less! But there are so many options out there which can cater for all! Hotels, hostels, motels, air b’n’b, couch surfing, camping the list is literally endless and all have different prices and
When it comes to accommodation, consider what works best. Whilst in New York, I’m considering staying at a Hotel in one location. However, whilst travelling further, I’m going to consider staying in hostels or renting an air b‘n’b as there’ll be a few of us travelling together so splitting the costs will be easier.
Lastly, don’t book everything in one go! Most of the time this will be a big number so it’s not really worth it unless it’s a tailored holiday bundle. Otherwise, you can get better deals when booking things separately. See a cheap flight but can’t find another then just book the one.  Hotels also often drop their prices and you can get bargains if you look at the right time! So don’t create a dent in your bank account just because you want to book everything in one go.

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