Hey guys,
So I’m super excited! I’ve been planning my next trip to the USA for October! And I can definitely say that I think I’ve finally gotten it down to the ‘T’ but I do need some help! I really, really, really want to hire a car but being only 22 makes life difficult! It’s pretty crazy that they can drive from 16 but we can’t seem to hire cars for cheap because we’re not 25! Do you have any suggestions? I need a solution to this problem!
The car would have to be for interstate as I’m planning to hit a few places up with my mates! We’re starting off in New York because that seems to be the place to be! Going through to Princeton (seeming that it’s on route and in most film we believe it’s a must see), through Philadelphia and into Washington D.C.
What I thought maybe fun though, is to keep my planning up to date on here for you. Almost like a plan, do and review. You never know, it may help you guys plan your own trips, whether they’re over several months or short road trips! I’ll do this over several months and share ways in which I feel is best to plan. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, so there may be some hiccups along the way (aka my current car situation) but that’s what makes it more fun though right?!
I’ll be writing a lot about hotels, flights, planning, monies and budgeting! So stay tuned for what’s coming up and feel free to shoot questions at me as we go along!

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