I like my solitude

Being by yourself and doing your own things does not mean that you are a loner.
In a world lead by social media and motivation to be an extrovert, people often forget to focus on themselves. My goal this year is to do the opposite. Focus on myself, what I want to achieve and how I can improve to be a better me. I have had people say that this is crazy and selfish! But hey you only live once, and can you really live without knowing who you actually are?
To be honest, it is only recently that I realised that I actually like my own company (to all my friends out there, it does not mean that you aren’t awesome!) Living in London can be crazy just like any major city in the world, work, uni, family and friends all add up to busy, busy, busy! You don’t have to spend the whole day by yourself but its so easy to put aside 5 minutes.
Why do I like doing things by myself:
1) I can enjoy my downtime
Whether that is sitting down and reading a book, doing my nails or preparing for my next trip. It makes me happy because I can concentrate and not have anything distract me. Living a busy lifestyle in a busy city means that there’s always lots of stuff to do but little time to slow down. Sometimes saying no to a night out and chilling in bed with cosy pj’s on sounds a lot better.
2) Planning
I’m a planner! I don’t plan too far ahead because I can’t see that far into the future, you never know what’s around the corner. However, I like making lists of things I want to do whether that’s this week or next month. Nothing is more fun than getting my pens, planners and colourful notepads out! Give me a chance to be creative and I’ll sit down and see what I can do, where I want to go and my next move!
3) I can discover myself
Doing stuff by myself doesn’t always mean chilling at home. Its also about testing the waters and discovering the things you like doing. Ever wanted to do something, made plans with mates but never ended up doing it? Well take a chance and do it yourself, go where your feet take you. You never know what you’ve been missing out on until you do it and not be dependant on what others want to do.
4) Beat the fear
It is natural to be scared of doing things by ourselves, after all, we’ve always been told to go “out in groups, teamwork is important and more fun with your friend”. But what happens when you are left to make decisions by yourself or having to follow through with what others seem to think is the right to do. Stop following the leader and be your own decision maker. The more you practice and get to know yourself the more comfortable you will get!
5) Solitude helps my creativity.
When I’m in front of people I feel like I have to prove that I am good at something and I usually end up embarrassing my self, yet, when I am by myself I am the most creative person. I have tried writing in front of people but I cannot do it. I love drawing but give me a pencil and tell me to sketch someone that in front of me and I cannot do it because I freak. I have written some of my best uni work in the middle of the night with no one around because I was able to zone out and think, be creative and see where my brain takes me.
“Whatever you do in life, do it with courage, and you won’t go far wrong” – Shantaram

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