What Motivates Me

Luckily I am an individual who enjoys keeping busy and always having something to do. However, like everyone, I do have my days which I slack on. The most recent and prolonged is my gym. I definitely used to love going in and seeing the results, and when I think back, I don’t actually have a reason for stopping apart from not being bothered and changing my priorities.
The major thing that definitely keeps me motivated is loving/enjoying what I do. The more you like doing something the more likely you are to:
1) Continue doing it
2) Make time for it
It definitely took me a while to realise what I like doing and to stick with it. I have always found the idea of travelling fun, but I would have never done it if it wasn’t for someone else’s motivation. It scared me. Sometimes finding someone with similar interest makes the experience a lot more comfortable and fun. It has majorly helped me with my self-confidence and I am definitely more likely to try new things by myself now too. Which sounds like a contradiction but it makes some form of sense.
Test what you may enjoy doing
What I also found fun was actually testing things which I may enjoy to filter those things that I do not like or don’t think I’m good at. Last year I’ve tested a ton of things and found that I enjoyed quite a lot of them! This year I am going to try sticking it out with Karate, motivated by my little ninja sister of course. So I shall definitely keep you guys up to date.
Set yourself a goal.
Goals are what keeps you focused. For me a week without a goal is a week lost. It’s what keeps me driven to succeed and it feels so good once you’ve achieved it! After all, why waste energy on something which you don’t actually want? Goals do not have to be super big! So don’t let them scare you. They can be as fun as setting up a fish tank or going for a walk or bike ride.
– What do you actually want to achieve?
– Is it a reasonable goal?
– And how much work are you willing to put in to achieve it?
Once you have done this execute it. There are so many opportunities out there! If you don’t try you will never know.


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