Follow Your Dreams

The meaning behind my tattoo.
My shoulder tattoo states:
“Dreams are made to be followed. Life is meant to be lived.”
– Paulo Coelho
The reason that I fell in love with the Alchemist is that of how focused it is on one goal all the way through. In the simplest of ways, it is based on a shepherd boy who sells his flock and travels the world to find his treasure. During his journey, he learns to listen to his heart. The rest I will not spoil….
This is something that I strongly try to live by. Being human doesn’t always mean that you make the best decisions. However, it is about following your heart, your head and your gut instinct. My gut tends to be right about most things. My head is stubborn. My heart is afloat and prone to making very hasty decisions. Hence, I always end up in conflict and place myself in difficult situations and taking on projects.  Like we all do from time to time.
Despite this, I do not know the meaning of life. It is a difficult question and I do not believe that any individual, even the greatest philosopher has this down to a T. The reason that I say this is because you never know what will get thrown in your face. Instead, it’s about how you deal with things. This again comes down to human trial and error.
The only thing each of us can do every day is learn from what we have achieved. Learn from our lessons. Know right from wrong and push further and harder. Achieve our aims but also keeping true to all those instincts. If you just follow one, then you are bound to get yourself into a muddle. You have to appreciate your weaknesses and make the most out of everything you do. You also need to learn how to let go and live up to those losses. You can’t always have everything.
What I have found is that sometimes it’s good to live like there is no tomorrow, run wild. Other days, it’s okay to take a step back and decide what the best thing for yourself is at that moment in time. Not every day is the same, and you will not always wake up on the right side of the bed but cherish what you have rather than what you do not have. If you want to change something then do, who is really stopping you apart from yourself?
MOST IMPORTANTLY: Never say that you have wasted your time. “As far as I know, you only get one shot at this life. It only goes around once, and time is precious.” (Benjamin Bratt) Every minute on this planet is one which you should learn from. Do not regret your decisions, live up to them because at one point in time it was the right thing to do. Or so you thought …… 😉

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