Favourite place in the world



My favourite place in the world!

This is the one question which I can never get away from. Unfortunately, it’s not always so clear-cut and sometimes the lines get blurred, each place has its own special memories which make it stand out from the other. However, if I had to really pick then it would definitely be Athens.

I remember wanting to go to Athens since I was I kid. All the mythology and temples sounded amazing and out of this world. After all, these are amazing structures which the kinds of Zeus, Aphrodite and Hercules were worshipped in! I had the amazing opportunity for my 21st birthday and I’ve always wanted to go back since!

Student discounts 🙂

I love Athens because of the number of things that you can do. As a student, you can often get discounts for entries to tourist attractions. Being a history nerd, this definitely keeps you on your toes with something new to learn on every corner. My two favourite places were definitely the Acropolis and the Olympic Stadium! Both are in walkable distance from each other, so you can definitely make a day out of it.

The Views

If you want a good view, a photo opportunity and are up for a walk through the lanes then you will love Philopappos Hill. I had a chilled-out day just watched life go past and a lovely view when the sun started to set. You can literally see most of the city from above.  It also tends to be the hangout spot for everyone, so if you are travelling as a group and enjoy the evening in the fresh air then there is no better place to do it.

The sky is always blue

Living in London, there’s an 80% chance of rain all the time, especially in Spring (this can be great for our gardening of course, but not as amazing for when you want to go out and about!) Athens had constant sunshine and a steady 21 degrees making exploring more fun. Who doesn’t like sunshine, dresses and a little breeze?

The food!

Everywhere you go you can find a nice restaurant with awesome food and most importantly views! One of my favourite memories is having dinner on the main strip with the glow of the Acropolis in the background. If you ever want to have a romantic meal and not pay an arm and a leg for it, eat in Athens!

Touristy stuff

No matter where you turn there is some form of a tourist attraction, whether that is museums, markets, parks, temples or ruins it all has its charm. You will find something for everyone. Transport is also easy to use with lines running out from the city to the coastal areas and don’t cost much either!

How about you?

What are your favourite destinations and a place you have visited and why do you love travelling? Make a list and make a promise to go back one day!

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