Hating to Pack…Me too!

Who else hates packing? Good at least I’m not alone, that makes me feel good!
One of the things which I always, always, always find tough is figuring out what to put in my suitcase. It’s most probably the only time which I actually go through my wardrobe and dig out cute outfits which I would not usually wear in England. Through various experiences, I believe that I have become better especially after the zip of my hand luggage popped at Gatwick! (embarrassing!). I have definitely not mastered it yet but I always try new fun things!
Here are my tips:
  • Make it light – the lighter the luggage the less the strain on you and the more Souvenirs you can bring back!
  • Only take the things you KNOW you’re going to use
  • Always pack something for entertainment
  • Keep important things like your passport and money on your person in easy to grab locations.
  • Bring a bin bag or small laundry bag to separate your used stuff
  • Memory foam travel pillow – comfort is essential
The actual luggage
Depending on where you’re going and how long for, decide what sort of luggage you actually need first. I have several luggage cases and a few backpacks which I like taking.
I like using bigger hard shell suitcases from “itluggage” which tend to be sturdier and come with a two-year guarantee. They don’t cost too much either so if you’re on a budget they are great! I tend to take these for shorter 1-2 week trips in one location where I know I won’t be moving around much.
When we travelled in Asia we were staying at hotels so we did not grab a huge hiking bag but had rolled around suitcases. Having a suitcase for several months can be easy for when you want to constantly gain access to it. However, having to roll it around on not so even pavements or having to pick it up to slightly higher areas can be a pain. Lesson learned I would rather carry the weight on my back and be able to not worry about getting into difficult spots. This years’ goal is to find a comfortable hiking bag which I can stick my stuff in and not have too much strain on my back.
What to pack in your hand luggage
Back bags are great for carry-on luggage. They are easy to access and grab stuff like passport, headphones or a book quickly without having to dig around. I don’t like the idea of having to open my rollie luggage in front of everyone whilst having it unexpectedly topple out! I cannot do the whole handbag thing either as I end up moaning about my shoulder aching for ages. However, I have previously packed in a hard shell carry on for a two-week trip (tough work but definitely do-able).
My hand luggage list consists of :
  • Passport
  • Travel documents
  • Book
  • Headphones
  • iPod
  • Charger
  • Travel money
  • Batteries
  • Spare set of clothes
  • Laptop
  • Notepad & pen (you often need pens to fill out visas!)
I also stick a little toiletry purse in there for a keepsake (all under 100mls):
  1. Baby wipes – they are great for everything! Make- up removing, hand cleaning, messy situations!
  2. Face cream – not everyone’s skin gets along with air con for several hours.
  3. Vaseline/chapstick
  4. Hand sanitiser
  5. Medication
  6. Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Hold luggage packing:
Hold luggage packing is always a headache! Especially as every destination you go to is different! I could never get this right until I got the “PackPoint” app. It is awesome! I have gone through several different apps as they are life to me but I didn’t like very many! PackPoint is awesome because it asks you where you are going, how long you’re going for and whether you’ll be doing your washing whilst you’re at your location and the reason for your travels (business, leisure, hiking etc.). Based on the quick information you give it, it predicts the weather and what should go into your suitcase!  AMAZING!
My must take favourite things:
Rant OVER! Anyway for my go to things I always try to take basics! You can layer them up or down for whatever occasion when you’re on the road.
The things I always like to take (not my packing list):
  • Comfortable shoes (these tend to be converse)
  • One pair of going out shoes (stick to flats! You can rock them to more places and certain countries have banned heels)
  • One dress – you never know when you’ll need it
  • Bikini – I’ve gotten caught out before and had o find one last minute!
  • Jeans jacket
  • Pair of trackies or leggings (great for flights or lazy day)
  • LOADS of tank tops! They are great to put under a top in a cold destination for extra warmth or to layer down when you are in hot locations.
  • A camera/phone
  • Laptop
  • Notepad – sometimes you just have a random idea or you want to jot something down but find that you don’t have any paper! Nothing else can be as irritating.


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