Five things I love to do when I travel

Travelling is something that can be catered towards every one, hence, what you like to do will fully depend on you! For me, travelling comes down to wanting to explore the culture of different countries. No one country is the same after all and cultures vary from city to city and island to island, so how do you make the most of the experience?
Travelling is of course about seeing all the sights, but sometimes its more fun coming off the track and exploring! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes leaving the boundaries of your carefully planned resort can be scary! But its worth it. Here are the things which I love to do to make the most of my experience.
Walking doesn’t always sound like the most interesting or fun to do but make sure you pack a pair of comfy sneakers! This is the chosen form of transport because your feet can take you anywhere for free. There’s no need to try finding a parking spot for your scooter or car when you see a cool place or a nice cafe to have lunch. Another plus is that it keeps you healthy! After chilling around for a few days and filling your stomach to the top with amazing food, there’s no better way of burning it off! When travelling in Europe we did an average of 34,000 steps daily! (If this doesn’t scream comfy shoes then I don’t know what will!)
Yes, Yes and Yes!
Be the yes man! Remember you’re in a certain country for a certain amount of time and you don’t know when you’re going to be back next! If you say no you’re only going to regret it! Saying yes means that you get to make the most out of your experience and most probably do stuff that you didn’t imagine doing before. Do remember to stay safe though, saying yes doesn’t mean doing stuff that can harm you and keep it legal! Grab a kayak, climb up to a viewpoint or even do some rock climbing. Just don’t stay cooped up in your hotel!
Local Markets
Every country has its bargains and traditions! If you want to find that then travel their streets and markets. They host a vast variety of food and cool stuff. If you want to buy souvenirs then this is the best place to find them. Deals tend to be everywhere just be clever with what you pay for them. There usually seems to be a market for everything. My favourite markets tend to be flower markets, night markets and the Hania market in Crete! They just have something cute about them!
Book Exchange
Those who know me know how much I love reading and that I literally take a book with me everywhere I go. I  have tried taking my kindle with me but it is not the same as having a paper book. Imagine my excitement when I found out that I can actually take one book with me and exchange it at a book exchange anywhere in the world! The way it works is that you put one on the shelf and grab another one! I liked writing little messages in them which a lot of travellers do. It just makes it a little more fun. You never end up spending a penny on a book, and hopefully, the next person will love it just as much as you did. The best thing about this is that they are virtually everywhere, hotels, hostels, restaurants and even tourist centres. You can never run out of options!
Get out of your comfort zone.
This is easier said than done, but do it! Do a city tour, eat some new food, hire a jet ski, go on a hike or leave the map at home, hide in a trench hole. Doing activities which you have never done makes things a lot more memorable because you’ll be having a lot more fun! It gets you to mingle with other people and make connections. Its the perfect way explore parts of the destinations which you may not have known existed before. Even if you have any fears they can be overcome by trying new things.

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